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Talking to Myself About Unanswered Prayer

What should you do with the disappointment of unanswered prayer? Most every Christian knows what it is to make requests of God that go unmet. I’m not referring to last resort or emergency flare prayers, although God answers those at times, but the experience of regularly drawing near with a need it seems the Lord stonewalls. Why is the one who can heal anything opposed to healing me of my thing? Why is the one who sends prodigal sons home leaving mine in the far country? Why is the one who... Read More
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Make Mine A Double

According to a 2012 Psychology Today article, public speaking is atop the list of people’s greatest fears. During my son’s college orientation this past summer, a university official made a core curriculum presentation. Groans throughout the auditorium when she explained not the math requirement but speech. I note public speaking stories in my readings. Some stories are funny, like the one David Sheff recounts in Beautiful Boy about the guy rushing out his door to make a presentation. He... Read More
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For Those About to Rock College

Want to feel old? Incoming freshmen high schoolers were born this century. You should pop open one of those cans of Pork and Beans you stashed for Y2K to commemorate it. On January 1, 2000, the day the world did not end, our oldest child was three years old. He’s a college freshman this fall, leaving home this month, guitar strapped to his back. My mother, an editor by profession, wrote a poem to mark the moment I left for college 28 years ago. A poem, you have to agree, is a classier move... Read More
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