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The Sin of Gratitude

What follows is a manuscript of my Thanksgiving Eve mini-sermon from Luke 18:9-14.  I’d like to spend just 20 minutes or so with you in a familiar text for most of us. In fact, it’s a text I took up Easter morning of 2014. We were in a study then of Jesus’ parables called “Bigger Pictures,” and we took Luke 18:9-14, a parable well-suited to Easter emphasis because of how it ends. In that message I spent more time with the tax collector in this story. Tonight we’ll take this parable from a... Read More
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Twenty Years A Preacher

In the memoir of his first pastorate, Open Secrets , Richard Lischer remembers his grandfather’s disenchantment with preachers started early: “My grandfather and his little brother hated it when the circuit rider came to town, because, since their daddy was a deacon in the Methodist church, the visiting preacher always stayed at their house and they had to shine the old bugger’s boots. The circuit rider preached the same sermon every time he came, pummeled the same vices of drinking and... Read More
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Talking to Myself About Unanswered Prayer

What should you do with the disappointment of unanswered prayer? Most every Christian knows what it is to make requests of God that go unmet. I’m not referring to last resort or emergency flare prayers, although God answers those at times, but the experience of regularly drawing near with a need it seems the Lord stonewalls. Why is the one who can heal anything opposed to healing me of my thing? Why is the one who sends prodigal sons home leaving mine in the far country? Why is the one who... Read More
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