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Candles in the Wind

I hope I’ve learned by now to ache for the fallen pastor rather than pounce on him. God told Cain it is the impulse of sin to pounce. Self-righteous sin has especially strong quads. It doesn’t matter whether I personally know the fallen pastor. I know the job. It doesn’t matter whether his temptations beset me or not. Anyone is vulnerable to his basest desires. When it comes to the downfalls of public-figure pastors, we’re all in plaza seating in social media settings. I’m the young man in... Read More
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How's It Going At Church?

“I see Him looking at them as they lay on the ground, with the poignant abandonment of sleeping men: mouths open, heads thrown back, features relaxed, limbs limp and inert. So vulnerable, so fragile, What, could ye not watch with me one hour? Alas, no, not even that—looking at them as God has looked at His creatures through the eons; disappointment without end weighed against inexhaustible love.” (Malcolm Muggeridge) I’m on Jeopardy! I’ve chosen “Potpourri” for $600, and the answer... Read More
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The Remnant Will Rock On

At a conference just over a year ago, the few hundred pastors in attendance were asked to stand in order to sit, beginning with those who’d served their church five years or less. Most of the room immediately sat. From there the years increased: Five to ten years in one church? Ten to fifteen? Fifteen to twenty? How about over twenty years in one church? Audible wows and applause for the half-dozen men still on their feet. Used to be a long obedience in one church was nothing out of the... Read More
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