Writings by Cole Huffman

Respect in the Ruins

Art school is the devil. So I was told by a man who has seen two of his sons’ faith metastasize in matriculation. He wasn’t blaming the college. No one takes your faith from you, you lay it down. Apostasy becomes its own art form in places where peers like to sepia wash their souls. Heartbroken for his sons, that man nevertheless wanted to maintain relationship with them. So he had a conversation with them. He told them something about themselves, something undeniable: They want... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Apr 10

Now That I'm a Christian Book Review

Here's a link to a book review I wrote: http://thegospelcoalition.org/book-reviews/review/now_that_im_a_christian Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Apr 4

Thirst for Accusation and Hunger for Self-Righteousness

Occasionally I’m asked if I won’t weigh in on some issue or another, hmm? Some current event or whatever thing evangelicals are kibitzing about right now? I’m asked this at church, over lunch, by email, “tweeted at” for it. Opinions proliferate on social media and I have a Twitter handle and a web site. So then, Pastor : What do you think about that famous Christian author who experiences God everywhere but church? Or those celebrity Christian pastors who plagiarize parts of... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Apr 4