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Decision 2016

What does voting in presidential elections have to do with love for neighbor? My neighbors aren’t all the same. My unborn neighbor, for instance, certainly appreciates a candidate for high office who believes his person is entitled to protections. That same candidate might deploy my military neighbor to the Middle East, depriving his baby of his presence for months at a time, maybe even permanently. My candidate may accept God’s designs for human sexuality as fixed and my... Read More
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Promoting Gospel Promiscuity: First Evan's Session Statement on Homosexuality & Faithfulness to God

John Ortberg recently wrote an article in which he remembered talking to a psychologist familiar with the psyches of church leaders. Ortberg thought he needed to confront a fellow pastor for some unspecified misconduct, but the psychologist said the confrontation needed to come from a non-pastor, otherwise it would elicit a “you’re-fallen-and-I’m-not” dynamic. The last people many gays and gay rights advocates want to hear from today are evangelical church leaders. No matter... Read More
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Less Valuing of My Opinionating

Are there times when one shouldn’t share his opinion? Yes, of course. You think your aunt is hyperemotional, and you can’t stand that in a person. Fine, but leave her to it at your uncle’s funeral. Neither she nor any attender that day needs your fulmination on overreaction. Let’s press the opening question further. Are there subjects where I have no right to an opinion? The old bromide about everyone having a right to their opinion is still held by most Americans, I expect. This... Read More
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