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Twenty Years A Preacher

In the memoir of his first pastorate, Open Secrets , Richard Lischer remembers his grandfather’s disenchantment with preachers started early: “My grandfather and his little brother hated it when the circuit rider came to town, because, since their daddy was a deacon in the Methodist church, the visiting preacher always stayed at their house and they had to shine the old bugger’s boots. The circuit rider preached the same sermon every time he came, pummeled the same vices of drinking and... Read More
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Reading, Writing, and the Arithmetic of Keeping Up

Reading widely in the evangelical world I encounter a lot of subjects . We’re writing on any variety of things but not always clarifying the issues. I n discussions with Christians I 'm often asked my opinions on so -and-so or their view of such-and-such. While I try to stay aware and informed with currents and who’s who, I don 't always have enough interest or time to tune in or kee p up. I’ve never been compelled to attempt omni-loopness, but like most of us I don’t want to feel... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jan 26
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How Then Should We Vote?

Another presidential election looms in 2012. At the time of this writing the Republican candidates have completed eleven televised debates with the election still roughly a year away. Presidential campaigns are now almost two full years in length and cost multiple millions of dollars. Eventually I will be asked my views on this election and its issues and candidates. These questions come around every four years, as do complaints from some that I don’t give the church enough guidance in... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Dec 1
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