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Camels and Gnats, Terrorists and Refugees

One afternoon a young scholar toiled away on his PhD dissertation at a top American university’s Poverty Research Center. A poor person walked in. He’d seen the sign on the building and figured it was a place to get help. No one in the Poverty Research Center knew what to do except call security on him. Arthur Brooks tells that story in his book The Conservative Heart: How to Build a Fairer, Happier, and More Prosperous America . There in the Poverty Research Center wannabe wonks and social... Read More
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Pastor Sisyphus and Filling with Kenosis

I’ve been at this long enough to say pastoral ministry is supposed to be self-emptying. If it’s not you’re not doing it right. The Greek word is kenosis , used in Philippians 2 of Jesus’ own self-emptying. The word came to mind recently, almost serendipitously, talking with a friend about his pastorate. He was where a lot of us pastors have been (some of us still are): That place where you recognize in yourself the disappointment that is finding the church you got is not the... Read More
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When Is Leaving Your Church Ever The Right Thing To Do?

Some friends of mine in another city left their church. It happens at First Evan too; people leave us for other churches and people leave other churches for us. Call it the evangelical diaspora. But when is this ever the right thing to do—leave your church? Lists can be dubious, but here are five reasons not to leave your church: Because you’ve been wounded: Wounded people usually go out one of two ways: either silently into that good night hoping no one will notice their leaving, or... Read More
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