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For Those About to Rock College

Want to feel old? Incoming freshmen high schoolers were born this century. You should pop open one of those cans of Pork and Beans you stashed for Y2K to commemorate it. On January 1, 2000, the day the world did not end, our oldest child was three years old. He’s a college freshman this fall, leaving home this month, guitar strapped to his back. My mother, an editor by profession, wrote a poem to mark the moment I left for college 28 years ago. A poem, you have to agree, is a classier move... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Aug 5
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Shoulding All Over Myself

I regret to inform you that God taught me nothing on my recent sabbatical except how wickedly precarious it is to successfully evacuate the bowels of an RV’s waste tank. I shoulded myself (say it aloud and the pun is obvious); that is to say I should have lifted the hose at the tank connection to ensure the black water stuck in the neck of the hose fully emptied before disconnecting. It was a mistake I didn’t repeat again. I’ve never really liked the What did God... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jul 10
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Thwack Moments: A Meditation on Fathering and Sonning

THWACK is a pleasing sound for the baseball fan. That percussive clap when Louisville Slugger meets fastball, sending it deep. Then there’s the THWACK of your child’s head slammed against an object. Not pleasing. My sons are 10 years apart, presently 17 and 7. I’ll refer to them by their ages. The older was born from me by lineage, the younger to me by adoption. Last night we had guests over for dinner. Transitioning to party games after dessert, I called to my older son to... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Dec 19
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