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Don't RT This

I think it’s bad form for ministers to retweet (RT) others praise of us. If the effusive RTs were occasional on my Twitter feed I wouldn’t say anything. But they’re not, and Twitter is not an inconsequential tool for a lot of us in ministry. Twitter is inherently self-promoting, yes. For me too. Before I had a Twitter account I dismissed its media as narcissistic. But I softened, realizing it’s not the medium itself but how one uses it. For any who’ll listen, please consider sizing your... Read More
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When Should You Defend Yourself?

The first time I can recall being put on the defensive was when a girl in a church I served long ago questioned my sanctification if not my salvation for belonging to a college fraternity. I was serving her church as a youth pastor, still in college, and when the service ended each Sunday night during the school year I hustled back to campus to make my fraternity’s weekly chapter meeting. The girl was a student at the same university and simply couldn’t believe a young Christian man—interested... Read More
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Speaking for a Living

In his book The Grand Weaver , Ravi Zacharias relates a traumatic hospital experience to his maturation in ministry. Zacharias had major back surgery and needed to be carefully turned onto his side in his bed. The call button he pushed summoned a nurse unfamiliar to him, who insisted that she could turn him singlehandedly instead of getting assistance. Before he knew it, the nurse placed her hands directly under Zacharias’ back—right on the surgical site—and pressed to lift him. Zacharias... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jan 9
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