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To Regret or Not to Regret

To make a regret, take a pound of mistaken notions. Thaw at room temperature then season to taste. Bake on high heat. Remove the dish without oven mitts. Get treatment for your burns. If revenge is the dish best served cold, regret is the experience of feeling you burned yourself but didn’t have to. Tattoo mistakes become Internet memes, and one is particularly karmic: “NO REGERTS” etched on some hapless forearm. Regret is an inky thing in its own way, indelible to... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Sep 7
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Pastor Sisyphus and Filling with Kenosis

I’ve been at this long enough to say pastoral ministry is supposed to be self-emptying. If it’s not you’re not doing it right. The Greek word is kenosis , used in Philippians 2 of Jesus’ own self-emptying. The word came to mind recently, almost serendipitously, talking with a friend about his pastorate. He was where a lot of us pastors have been (some of us still are): That place where you recognize in yourself the disappointment that is finding the church you got is not the... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Feb 28
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My apologies if I upset you. I’m only trying to be honest but I guess maybe you can’t handle that? Notice how I slipped into the interrogative tone there, conveying the self-awareness that I could possibly be wrong about you, thus owing you an apology if I am. But I’m probably not wrong about you, which is why I went ahead and said what I did. If you think you need an apology from me I’ll give it although I really can’t help that you misunderstand me. There is everything in that... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jun 21
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