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Face Time

One of my favorite Joseph Epstein essays is called “Narcissus Leaves the Pool.” “Emerging from the shower, I stand naked in front of my bathroom mirror. This, let the truth be told, is not an altogether enrapturing sight. (Had he grown well into middle age, Narcissus himself would surely have spent a lot less time gazing into the pool.) Contemplating myself, I feel a brief wave of pity for my wife who, night after night, has to sleep next to this body; I, more fortunate soul,... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Sep 5
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Less Valuing of My Opinionating

Are there times when one shouldn’t share his opinion? Yes, of course. You think your aunt is hyperemotional, and you can’t stand that in a person. Fine, but leave her to it at your uncle’s funeral. Neither she nor any attender that day needs your fulmination on overreaction. Let’s press the opening question further. Are there subjects where I have no right to an opinion? The old bromide about everyone having a right to their opinion is still held by most Americans, I expect. This... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Aug 19
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The Difficulty of Labels

Years ago in my presence a friend’s easygoing but unflattering characterizations of others was softly rebuked by a man who said to him, “You like to pigeonhole, don’t you?” At that moment the rebuke was deserved. Pigeonholing is a kind of labeling that classifies someone as “the other” immutably. We all categorize to account for real differences. Categorizing itself does not disparage in drawing distinctions. As Lewis put it in The Four Loves , we do not disparage silver by... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Aug 14
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