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The Remnant Will Rock On

At a conference just over a year ago, the few hundred pastors in attendance were asked to stand in order to sit, beginning with those who’d served their church five years or less. Most of the room immediately sat. From there the years increased: Five to ten years in one church? Ten to fifteen? Fifteen to twenty? How about over twenty years in one church? Audible wows and applause for the half-dozen men still on their feet. Used to be a long obedience in one church was nothing out of the... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Feb 25
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Twenty Years A Preacher

In the memoir of his first pastorate, Open Secrets , Richard Lischer remembers his grandfather’s disenchantment with preachers started early: “My grandfather and his little brother hated it when the circuit rider came to town, because, since their daddy was a deacon in the Methodist church, the visiting preacher always stayed at their house and they had to shine the old bugger’s boots. The circuit rider preached the same sermon every time he came, pummeled the same vices of drinking and... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Oct 29
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Make Mine A Double

According to a 2012 Psychology Today article, public speaking is atop the list of people’s greatest fears. During my son’s college orientation this past summer, a university official made a core curriculum presentation. Groans throughout the auditorium when she explained not the math requirement but speech. I note public speaking stories in my readings. Some stories are funny, like the one David Sheff recounts in Beautiful Boy about the guy rushing out his door to make a presentation. He... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Sep 16
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