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Pastor Sisyphus and Filling with Kenosis

I’ve been at this long enough to say pastoral ministry is supposed to be self-emptying. If it’s not you’re not doing it right. The Greek word is kenosis , used in Philippians 2 of Jesus’ own self-emptying. The word came to mind recently, almost serendipitously, talking with a friend about his pastorate. He was where a lot of us pastors have been (some of us still are): That place where you recognize in yourself the disappointment that is finding the church you got is not the... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Feb 28
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Anfechtung Baby

I’m enjoying Timothy George’s Reading Scripture with the Reformers . He’s introduced me to Martin Luther’s “Three Rules” for scriptural engagement: prayer, meditation, and temptation, a pattern Luther based on Psalm 119. The German word Luther chose for temptation, Anfechtung, comes from the sport of fencing. A Fechter is a fencer or gladiator, and Anfechtung roughly references bouts of spiritual attack. Every believer experiences conflict with dread, despair,... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jan 18
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Hell is the Only Infinite Disaster

They’re cleaning up from Isaac on the Gulf Coast. Isaac followed a similar path Katrina did (and Gustav—remember him in 2008?). I remember going to New Orleans a month after Katrina. Though not as intense as Katrina, Isaac re-damaged areas inhabited by damage-weary people.  As I write this, Leslie in the Atlantic is causing swells in Florida. Our meteorological advancements can track storm paths and intensities and forewarn residents down to the precise minute of impact. But no... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Sep 5
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