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The Eye That Stinks A Pastor

“The eye that mocks a father and scorns to obey a mother will be picked out by the ravens of the valley and eaten by the vultures” (Proverbs 30:17). Pleasant thought.   But it is Agur’s proverbial way of saying take seriously God’s injunction to honor one’s father and mother (cf. Exodus 20:12); reject this and you will come to some kind of an inglorious end. I wonder what Agur would say about the eye that stinks a pastor?   I got the stink-eye recently from a couple of my... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at May 26
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Hart Shaffner Me

This article will appear in our June church newsletter: A couple of Sundays ago, in the second NewSong service in the gym, I noted that I was about the only guy in the room wearing a tie.   This neither alarmed nor concerned me.   I don’t make an issue of Sunday dress.   Modesty in attire is a biblical concern, of course.   And I’ve been told that suit-wearing to church is because we are to look our best for God.   That rationale satisfied me for a long time... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at May 25
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The Strokes of Teachability

My wife is an artist.   She’s been honing her painting skills since she was a girl.   This usually means I never pick up a paint brush for anything around our home.   But I did once, memorably.   We were converting a room from an office to a nursery in anticipation of our oldest daughter’s birth.   The new paint was a periwinkle purple, and since my wife was pregnant and didn’t need to breathe in the fumes I took the job.   As I prepped, she gently... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at May 13
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