Writings by Cole Huffman

Gestures and Postures

Yesterday afternoon I watched a professional football game. The two teams played with a passion befitting their rivalry. In a tight fourth quarter the visiting quarterback, upon completing a key third down pass play, turned both his eyes and index fingers skyward in a familiar athletic gesture of gratitude to God. The very next play, he threw an interception and trotted off the field, chin on his chest. Thought question: does God also "convert" key third down completions for believing... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Sep 26
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A Refuge Called Tuesday

If Tuesday went missing from the week, would anyone miss it?   I would, because as of yesterday Tuesdays are my new day off.   I restructured my week to accommodate weekly staff meetings on Monday mornings (the old day off).   Years ago a pastor-friend in Texas extolled the benefits in making Tuesday his weekly Sabbath day, not the least of which for him, an avid golfer, was more vacant golf courses on Tuesdays. I’m calling Tuesday my deep-and-quiet day (sounds better... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Sep 14
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What I'd Really Like to Say About Church Attendance

I have a pastor-friend who speaks of letting things “perk” in you.   He doesn’t mean “perk” as in perkiness (thank God, as I am anything but perky), but “perk” as in percolator—meditating on something until you are ready to share it.   The perking doesn’t have to mean your words pour out piping hot.   When that happens one usually scalds people.   There’s a difference between scalding and scolding (a good biblical example of the difference is Psalm 39).   I’ve... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Sep 6
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