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Reading, Writing, and the Arithmetic of Keeping Up

Reading widely in the evangelical world I encounter a lot of subjects . We’re writing on any variety of things but not always clarifying the issues. I n discussions with Christians I 'm often asked my opinions on so -and-so or their view of such-and-such. While I try to stay aware and informed with currents and who’s who, I don 't always have enough interest or time to tune in or kee p up. I’ve never been compelled to attempt omni-loopness, but like most of us I don’t want to feel... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jan 26
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Speaking for a Living

In his book The Grand Weaver , Ravi Zacharias relates a traumatic hospital experience to his maturation in ministry. Zacharias had major back surgery and needed to be carefully turned onto his side in his bed. The call button he pushed summoned a nurse unfamiliar to him, who insisted that she could turn him singlehandedly instead of getting assistance. Before he knew it, the nurse placed her hands directly under Zacharias’ back—right on the surgical site—and pressed to lift him. Zacharias... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jan 9
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