Writings by Cole Huffman

The Boys of Fall

Parenting is a reaction sport. Our children are not automatons. They will think for themselves, some sooner than others, and as they do we need agility, like a running back in football, and resilience. The back knows he's going to get tackled eventually. Not every play is a touchdown. If he gets past the defensive line tacklers he's still got the linebackers. If he gets past them too there is the secondary to navigate. Free safeties hit hard.   My oldest son, a rising sophomore just... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jul 25
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Realism: Handle with Care

Colorado wildfires consumed inhabited acreage like the ground was covered with lighter fluid earlier this summer, and a then guy opened fire in a full suburban Denver movie theater. Tragedies are to be expected in a world east of Eden. Saying so is not calloused. It is realism—biblical realism. And yet realism is a thing that must be handled with care when reality is particularly harsh. This is not a scientifically verified opinion, but I gather from making my way in the world with others... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jul 21
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When Should You Defend Yourself?

The first time I can recall being put on the defensive was when a girl in a church I served long ago questioned my sanctification if not my salvation for belonging to a college fraternity. I was serving her church as a youth pastor, still in college, and when the service ended each Sunday night during the school year I hustled back to campus to make my fraternity’s weekly chapter meeting. The girl was a student at the same university and simply couldn’t believe a young Christian man—interested... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jul 18
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