Writings by Cole Huffman

Why I Don't Preach the Vote

It doesn’t happen with as much frequency or gusto as it used to, but in each presidential election season I am stopped in the halls of our church by concerned citizens urging me to please address our civic duty to vote, or please gather our people together “to pray for this election.” I am opposed to neither. Let me state it differently: I am for voting and praying for officials and elections. There is a long and esteemed American tradition of preachers speaking out on current issues,... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Sep 6
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Hell is the Only Infinite Disaster

They’re cleaning up from Isaac on the Gulf Coast. Isaac followed a similar path Katrina did (and Gustav—remember him in 2008?). I remember going to New Orleans a month after Katrina. Though not as intense as Katrina, Isaac re-damaged areas inhabited by damage-weary people.  As I write this, Leslie in the Atlantic is causing swells in Florida. Our meteorological advancements can track storm paths and intensities and forewarn residents down to the precise minute of impact. But no... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Sep 5
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