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Parenting 201

I’m sixteen years into parenting now. Call me a sophomore father heading into my junior year—a member of the Parenting 201 class. Here’s what I think I know. I know I appreciate a church that lets me be a father. Which means my flaws as a father are entirely my own. I can’t blame our church for making me serve them at the expense of my children because our church has never required that. I get to be home with them most every night and travel infrequently. I have a very full ministry... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Oct 23
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Don't RT This

I think it’s bad form for ministers to retweet (RT) others praise of us. If the effusive RTs were occasional on my Twitter feed I wouldn’t say anything. But they’re not, and Twitter is not an inconsequential tool for a lot of us in ministry. Twitter is inherently self-promoting, yes. For me too. Before I had a Twitter account I dismissed its media as narcissistic. But I softened, realizing it’s not the medium itself but how one uses it. For any who’ll listen, please consider sizing your... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Oct 8
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To the Maxim

It occurred to me once that I should ask God for the foresight to avoid what I’ll regret in hindsight. Thus was born another maxim. Sometimes maxims come about as byproducts of weekly sermon writing or reading. Sometimes they hit me out of the blue. Maxims are general truths or rules of conduct. They’re only slightly distinguishable from axioms, which are general truths or principles widely agreed upon. Maxims are more individualized whereas axioms are more universal. Put another way,... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Oct 6
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