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The Books List 2012

(The following piece will print in next month's church newsletter.) Every December I use this space to reflect on books I’ve read during the year. There are books I lose interest in or read one or two chapters of and those don’t make the cut. I can’t always follow through on people’s book recommendations but still like receiving them. Some books I read contain language or storylines or theology that offends. This year I wrote my first piece of fiction in the form of a short story. The... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Nov 19
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The Waking Up is the Hardest Part

“When you’re dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part.” John Mayer, Dreaming With a Broken Heart Most of the people I pastor or am associated with were disappointed at the results of the 2012 presidential election—even more so in some ways than 2008. They went to bed last night disappointed and woke up the same. To put it Mayer-esque, they were dreaming of the restoration of American values they’re heartbroken over seeing discarded by an administration they do not... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Nov 7
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