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The Chronicles of Ahasuerus' Memorable Deeds, and Other Bad Books

Perhaps this is the best time to tell you—after I used this space last month to commend some good books to you—that I was in something of a reading slump most of 2012. Similar to a batting slump when a hitter can’t connect his bat to a pitch, a reading slump is not connecting with a lot of the books you’ve picked up to read. The low point of the slump was standing in a bookstore a few weeks ago, generous gift card in hand, and I couldn’t find a thing I really wanted to read. I wandered the... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Dec 13
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A Prayer of Thanks in Times Square

This last weekend I was in New York City (NYC). Saturday night we rode the subway from Queens to Times Square in Manhattan. You can now count me among the teeming masses who've sojourned that wonder of the media world. I was with another pastor from Memphis and our host, a NYC pastor. Times Square is to kilowatts what the North Pole is to snow. Flying out of NYC the next night, seated in a window seat, Times Square was so bright I thought I could make out an ad or two at 15,000 feet and... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Dec 5
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