Writings by Cole Huffman

Time Dysplasia (Sunday-Onset)

Reading those “times for everything” in Ecclesiastes 3, I notice there’s not “a time to be late.” For that matter there’s not “a time to be on time” either, but you get the drift. In most venues tardiness is frowned upon and in some it is penalized. Want to make someone feel really awkward? Call attention to their lateness. You only increase their cringing if there’s an audience, and now we all feel awkward because it is impolite to shame the late person for the impoliteness of their lateness. ... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Apr 11
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Churches Like Mine

I’m glad there are churches like yours around still. I’m told this from time to time and heard it again recently. It makes me reflective. If I were inclined to cynicism I’d consider these words a kind of ecclesiastical profiling, but I’ve never detected any real condescension in the speaker. Usually the speaker is someone affiliated with a new or younger church but kingdom-minded, appreciating the niche of older churches like mine. What is the profile of a church like mine? It has... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Apr 4
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