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Forever's As Far As I'll Go

I read an article recently calling for guys—aimed mostly at pastor “bro” types, as I recall—to chill on the hot wife talk. Haute wife talk has yet to be condemned, however. So may I engage in a few lines of haute wife talk on this my twentieth wedding anniversary day? We met in college back when I had reasonably cool hair. Friends set us up on a date, a sorority soiree. We danced, we talked, we even prayed the evening away. We didn’t kiss though I tried. But her Wind Song by Prince... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at May 22
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Controversialists On Cue

Google commended itself for returning 686,000 results (in 0.32 seconds) when I typed into my search bar “a controversialist is called,” seeking a synonym. The first two returns were a William Clagett and an Edward Gee, both seventeenth century English churchmen; then Calvin, Van Til, and Tyndale, all theologians; then a rather nerdy fellow calling himself “The Controversialist” for apparently listening to himself wax on current events via his webcam; then Jesus, specified as “not a... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at May 16
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