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Is Your Testimony Your Identity?

It was recently suggested to me that one’s testimony is not one’s identity. Now I happen to believe a lot of us have come to think merely drawing a distinction is making a point. Preacher-types especially enjoy giving you a moment to admire the profundity of our clever this-not-that insights even though a lot of times we might be creating a platitude, drawing a false distinction, or both. That is there’s no real difference in what we’re contrasting, it just sounds as if there is. ... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Aug 16
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Faith in Memphis Post 8/10/13

My Faith in Memphis post last week was requested in response to comments Pope Francis made the week previous to a media pool on his plane regarding gay priests. I got some questions over the weekend about that section of my comments the newspaper ran; the paper only prints a portion of panelist responses in the Saturday edition anyway, and the first paragraph below was printed. But then the end of my full response got pinched off at the Faith in Memphis site (... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Aug 12
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