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Moral Genre

The one sermon a non-evangelical relative heard me preach was a scold. The world is full of softballs for preachers to stand in pulpits and hit long. That Sunday I blasted a movie Roger Egbert probably thumbs-upped. Then I noticed my relative, his face creased with a “Seriously?” grin. All he wanted to know afterwards was whether I had seen the movie. The grin returned when I said no, only read a review. A Sunday night prayer meeting focusing on the nations pivots to... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jan 29
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Anfechtung Baby

I’m enjoying Timothy George’s Reading Scripture with the Reformers . He’s introduced me to Martin Luther’s “Three Rules” for scriptural engagement: prayer, meditation, and temptation, a pattern Luther based on Psalm 119. The German word Luther chose for temptation, Anfechtung, comes from the sport of fencing. A Fechter is a fencer or gladiator, and Anfechtung roughly references bouts of spiritual attack. Every believer experiences conflict with dread, despair,... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jan 18
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