Writings by Cole Huffman

The Miles to Full

We visited a lot of places in June, including an unplanned stop in New Effington, South Dakota. According to the town’s website: “New Effington, [ sic .] is a small, quiet little community of BIG hearted, dependable people.” Amen to that. I’m surprised such a tiny hamlet has a web address. I’m not surprised by the extra comma loitering in its opening sentence. From a small town myself, I had to move to the city to become what Lynne Truss calls a “punctuation vigilante.” In... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jul 22
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Shoulding All Over Myself

I regret to inform you that God taught me nothing on my recent sabbatical except how wickedly precarious it is to successfully evacuate the bowels of an RV’s waste tank. I shoulded myself (say it aloud and the pun is obvious); that is to say I should have lifted the hose at the tank connection to ensure the black water stuck in the neck of the hose fully emptied before disconnecting. It was a mistake I didn’t repeat again. I’ve never really liked the What did God... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jul 10
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