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Walnut Street

Is nostalgia wasteful pining? Being stuck in bygones, wistful for more of what isn’t and won’t be? Is it just our inner Uncle Rico throwing footballs at his tripod, readying his 40-year-old self to be a high school quarterback again? Nostalgia has even been considered an illness, as in acute homesickness. I detoured into my old neighborhood on the way to Birmingham recently. While it has its problems, to never experience nostalgia is a kind of willed amnesia. And anyway, of late... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at May 3
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Talking to Myself About Unanswered Prayer

What should you do with the disappointment of unanswered prayer? Most every Christian knows what it is to make requests of God that go unmet. I’m not referring to last resort or emergency flare prayers, although God answers those at times, but the experience of regularly drawing near with a need it seems the Lord stonewalls. Why is the one who can heal anything opposed to healing me of my thing? Why is the one who sends prodigal sons home leaving mine in the far country? Why is the one who... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Sep 23
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A Meditation on the Suffering of Sin

Some readers will judge from the title that this post reflects upon that suffering we bring on ourselves via sinful indulgence. Like the man who downloaded pornography on the company computer and suffered job termination as a consequence, or the businesswoman whose outburst at a flight attendant resulted in her suffering a humiliating airport arrest. Other readers will anticipate a lament on the damage done by others’ sins against us. Like how being victimized, deceived, abandoned, lied... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jun 14
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