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Category: Temptation

A Meditation on the Suffering of Sin

Some readers will judge from the title that this post reflects upon that suffering we bring on ourselves via sinful indulgence. Like the man who downloaded pornography on the company computer and suffered job termination as a consequence, or the businesswoman whose outburst at a flight attendant resulted in her suffering a humiliating airport arrest. Other readers will anticipate a lament on the damage done by others’ sins against us. Like how being victimized, deceived, abandoned, lied... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jun 14
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Where the Wildean Things Are

Lately I’ve encountered a few situations wherein someone got whatever it was he or she thought they wanted, maybe even longed for: someone’s affections or acceptance, an accomplishment, or the acquisition of something new.   But soon thereafter they find themselves in the throes of dissatisfaction.   It’s common to everyone’s experience sooner or later—how well I remember the surprising let-down years ago after buying the vehicle I’d long wanted— especially the more weighted our... Read More
Posted by Cole Huffman at Jul 11
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